Mates Rates

Mates Rates

You need to have a Free Membership or Unlimited Access Membership to access your mates rates link. It will be displayed on your on the mates rates page. Just share your link anywhere and we will track any visits. Your mates will get 50% off Unlimited Access and you will get 50% of what they spend as credit in your Free Vocals account. You can choose to spend it on anything at the checkout.

You need a separate Crew Membership account to get paid real cash instead of virtual cash.

  • Earn 20% commission on all first orders after people click your link
  • Get paid cash via Paypal
  • Enable direct link tracking
  • No need for unique referral URL’s, link directly to from your website!

Crew Membership accounts cannot download or place orders. If you want to keep your Free or Unlimited Access Membership you will need to apply using a separate email address.

Yes you can use your virtual cash to start a new subscription but you will need to provide your payment details as payments are recurring. For example, if you have ¬£1 credit in your account, you can sign up for the Bedroom Studio monthly subscription and you won’t be charged anything for the first order.

No, Free Members also have a unique mates rates link so you can share it and receive Virtual Cash in your Free Vocals account without buying anything.

When someone clicks your link and signs up for unlimited access, 50% of what they spend will be added to your pending Virtual Cash The referral will then be submitted for review. When the payment has been confirmed and fraud checks have been carried out the Virtual Cash will be approved and added to your account.

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