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How do I download the Sound Recordings?

You can download Test Sample MP3’s instantly by clicking the “Download” button. Daily or Monthly Members have unlimited access and unlimited MP3 downloads. You can buy the full WAV downloads and the files will be available after checkout. Our WAV downloads can be mixed with your own samples and sounds and released to the stores and streaming services (Spotify, iTunes etc)

Can I share my downloads with other people?

No! Distributing our isolated Sound Recordings in any way is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to, sharing your download links or account login details, emailing the files, uploading the files to sharing networks such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Sendspace etc, transferring the files to an external hard drive and giving them to someone. Our vocal recordings must be downloaded from our website, so that the person using them has agreed to our terms and conditions.

My files didn’t finish downloading, what can I do?

If your files didn’t finish downloading, try downloading one file at a time and let them complete before downloading the next one. If you try to download multiple files at the same time your files may time out. If you are using download manager software, try disabling it. If you keep having problems then email and our support team will try to assist you. There are some factors that may be outside of our control, for example, if you have a slow internet connection or weak Wifi signal. Our download server is based in Europe so your location may affect the download speed.

What audio format are the Sound Recordings?

We supply professionally recorded WAV files. These are provided in .zip format and need to be unzipped before you import them into your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). We also provide Test Sample MP3’s.

Why is there music on the preview, are the downloads Acapella?

We have music on the previews to put the acapellas in context. The download WAV files are isolated vocal only acapellas for professional productions. Most WAV downloads have separate leads, harmonies and ad-libs with dry and wet versions. Check the download description for what’s included.

Why do the previews have a voice saying ““?

Like most audio download websites, our sound recordings have an audio “watermark” to prevent people ripping the isolated recordings from our website. The “watermark” is not on the files that you download, it’s only on the preview audio.