Royalty Free Acapella Downloads

Can I use Royalty Free Acapella Downloads for a commercial release?

Yes you can combine our acapella downloads with your own samples and sounds to create a new track. Then release your track to the stores and streaming services (iTunes, Spotify etc.)

Where can I buy Royalty Free Acapellas?

You can buy our Royalty Free Acapellas by clicking the “Buy WAV Download” button and the files will be available after checkout.

Can I get a discount on Royalty Free Acapella downloads?

Yes, you can get a 50% discount on WAV Downloads by signing up to our Daily or Monthly Membership.

Can I re-sell the Downloads as part of a sample pack?

No. Distributing our isolated sound recordings in any way is strictly prohibited. They can be incorporated with a production but cannot be re-sold as part of a sample pack. This includes modified/edited versions of our sound recordings.