Royalty Free Downloads

Royalty Free Downloads

Yes our Sound Recordings can be modified or edited. Our Sound Recordings must be combined with other types of samples or sounds to effectively form a new composition or derivative work, in a manner that is clear and distinct from the isolated Sound Recordings themselves. You can’t use the Sound Recordings in isolation or distribute the Sound Recordings independently of a new composition or derivative work.

No. Distributing our stand alone sound recordings in any way is strictly prohibited. They can be incorporated with a production but cannot be re-sold as part of a sample pack. This includes modified/edited versions of our sound recordings. If you’re interested in us recording original exclusive vocals specifically for sale as part of a sample pack, check out our custom vocals service –

Yes you can, subject to the terms of the End User Licence Agreement

You don’t need to credit or our vocalists but if you do want to feature a vocalists name in your track title then you will need to obtain permission from us first –

Royalty Free Downloads do not count towards your monthly download limit, you can download these files multiple times after purchasing them.

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