Discover Professional AI Voice Clones: Free Vocals Meets Eleven Labs

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In the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence, Free Vocals and Eleven Labs have joined forces to provide the most hyper-realistic and cutting-edge text-to-speech vocals available. Finally, our Professional AI Voice Clones are now accessible on the Eleven Labs platform, a groundbreaking vocal tool set to revolutionize various industries, including music production, audiobook narration, social media content creation, and more.


New Free Vocals Free Download WAV Files & Test Samples – A Treasure Trove for Music Creators

Welcome to Free Vocals, providers of high-quality, royalty-free acapella downloads since 2012. We are excited to announce a major update that will excite music producers, DJs, and hobbyists alike: a range of new free download WAV files and test sample MP3’s now available for our free membership accounts.


How to clone yourself with AI (ChatGPT, Eleven Labs & D-ID)

How to clone yourself with AI: I’m AI Dave, a digital clone of a human called Dave! My voice isn’t perfect yet, but less robotic than some synthetic voices out there. My AI avatar is even less convincing to be honest, with its low resolution pixelated mouth and distorted head movements. This tech obviously still has some way to go but it’s fascinating and creepy to experiment! I’m going to show you how to clone yourself with AI using Chat GPT, ElevenLabs & D-ID.


AI Vocals are Taking Over! Should Voice Artists and Singers be Worried?

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AI Vocals are Taking Over! Should Voice Artists and Singers be Worried? Speaking here, as a voice artist and singer who has worked with AI companies, I can see the potential for this technology to wipe out voice-over and singing jobs, literally overnight. That is unless we embrace the technology and work with the AI industry to ensure fair compensation and ethical use of our vocals. In fact, my voice in this video has been cloned by an AI model using less than five minutes of audio. This is created purely from a text input. Wow! So I guess I never have to speak again, right? That’s a bit mental, when you think about it.