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Sanna Hartfield Acapellas

Sanna Hartfield

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Jennifer Dawn

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Where can I download free acapellas?

You can download loads of Test Sample MP3’s for Free or sign up as a Daily or Monthly member to access everything. All of our downloads are available to buy as WAV files for commercial use.

Which keys are free vocals available in?

Some of our most popular keys are Am (A Minor), C (C Major), Dm (D Minor), Fm (F Minor), Cm (C Minor), B (B Major), C#m (C Sharp Minor), G (G Major), Bbm (B Flat Minor) and D (D Major), for example.

Which genres of acapellas can I download?

Any acapella can be remixed into any style of music with some creative chopping, stretching and pitching! We label our acapella downloads with suggested genres such as House, Drum & Bass, EDM, Hip-hop, Soul, Jazz, Pop, Folk, Dubstep, RnB and many more! Above all, anything goes with anything.

How can I get notified when new acapella downloads are available?

Subscribe to us on YouTube for our latest videos and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Who are the team behind Free Vocals?

We’re a team of professional vocalists and creatives based all around the world. From Lapland to UK to USA to Morocco. Founded by Sanna Hartfield and The Vinyl Gibbon back in 2012 as a platform for everyone to download high quality vocals. In conclusion, you’ve come to the right place for acapellas.