KIT File Naming System

Free Vocals KIT’s utilize a file naming system that states the tempo, key signature, title, vocalists name, instrument, song structure and variation, separated by underscores. These elements are abbreviated to keep file names short and easily searchable.

  • Vocals, Bass, Drums, Electric Guitar, and Percussion are Vox, Bss, Drms, Egtr and Prc.
  • Ad_libs, Backing Vocals, Harmonies and Lead Vocals are Adl, Bv, Hrms and Le.
  • Bridge, Chorus, Verse one and Verse two are Bri, Cho, Ver1 and Ver2.
  • All sound recordings are 24 bit 44.1 kHz .wav files with a completely dry version (no post production) and some variations with effects such as compression, EQ and reverb (labelled with Fx)


  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Sa_Vox_Cho_Le_D1.wav
  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Sa_Vox_Cho_Le_D2.wav
  • 128 = Tempo of 128 bpm
  • Bb = Key of B Flat
  • Slow_Down = KIT title
  • Sa = Vocalists name
  • Vox = Vocals
  • Cho = Chorus
  • Le = Lead Vocals
  • D1 = Double 1 (first recording of lead vocals)
  • D2 = Double 2 (second recording of lead vocals to give a stronger and fuller sound)
  • _ = Underscore to separate KIT elements

Example Project:

All in one:

  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_All.wav
  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_All_Fx.wav
  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Inst_All_Fx.wav
  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Sa_Vox_All_Fx.wav
  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Sa_Vox_All.wav

Note: All in one tracks are intended as a guide and not to be mixed with the other layers.

For example, you shouldn’t mix the Vox_All with the Vox_Le (Lead) and Vox_Hrms (Harmonies). However, you could mix the Vox_All with the individual instrumental layers, if you don’t want control over mixing the individual vocal layers.


  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Sa_Vox_Ver1_Le_D1.wav
  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Sa_Vox_Ver1_Le_D2.wav
  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Sa_Vox_Pch_Le_D1.wav
  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Sa_Vox_Pch_Le_D2.wav
  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Sa_Vox_Cho_Le_D1.wav
  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Sa_Vox_Cho_Le_D2.wav
  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Sa_Vox_Cho_Hrm1.wav
  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Sa_Vox_Cho_Hrm2.wav
  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Sa_Vox_Cho_Hrm3.wav
  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Sa_Vox_Cho_Hrm4.wav
  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Sa_Vox_Bri_Le_D1.wav
  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Sa_Vox_Bri_Le_D2.wav


  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Bss_Ver1.wav
  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Bss_Pch.wav
  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Bss_Cho.wav
  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Drms_Fill.wav
  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Drms_Fill_Fx.wav
  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Bss_Bri.wav
  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Egtr_Ver1.wav
  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Egtr_Pch.wav
  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Egtr_Cho.wav
  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Egtr_Bri.wav
  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Vibr_Ver1.wav
  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Vibr_Pch.wav
  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Vibr_Cho.wav
  • 128_Bb_Slow_Down_Vibr_Bri.wav
Vocalists Name: File Name:
Chris Scott Ch
Curtis Clark Jr Cu
Elliott El
Gazlit Sy
Gibbons Gi
Indi In
Jennifer Dawn Je
Kamden Ka
K7te Ky
Lissy Li
Miah Draper Mi
Nina Marzenia Ni
Sanna Hartfield Sa
Sarai Jazz Sj
Sergi Se
Simone Si
Soulpella So
Structure: File Name:
Bridge (release from rest of song) Bri
Chorus Cho
Fill Fill
Intro Int
Loop Lp
Middle Eight Mi8
Outro Out
Pre Chorus (end of verse, lift into chorus) Pch
Verse Ver
Variation: File Name:
Ad-libs Adl
Alternative (sometimes with different arrangement or key/bpm) Alt
Answer Ans
All in one (everything together) All
Backing Vocals Bv
Chopped Cp
Double D
Effects (Compression, EQ, Reverb etc) Fx
Harmonies (all together) Hrms
Harmony (separate) Hrm
Harmony High Hi
Harmony Middle Mid
Harmony Low Lo
Harmony Melody Mel
Instrumental Inst
Lead Vocals Le
Octave Oc

Note: If there is more than one layer of a structure or variation then these will be labelled with numbers. For example, Ver1, Ver2 etc or Adl1, Adl2 etc.

Key Signature: File Name:
A flat major Ab
A flat minor Abm
A major A
A minor Am
A sharp major As
A sharp minor Asm
B flat major Bb
B flat minor Bbm
B major B
B minor Bm
B sharp major Bs
B sharp minor Bsm
C flat major Cb
C flat minor Cbm
C major C
C minor Cm
C sharp major Cs
C sharp minor Csm
D flat major Db
D flat minor Dbm
D major D
D minor Dm
D sharp major Ds
D sharp minor Dsm
E flat major Eb
E flat minor Ebm
E major E
E minor Em
E sharp major Es
E sharp minor Esm
F flat major Fb
F flat minor Fbm
F major F
F minor Fm
F sharp major Fs
F sharp minor Fsm
G flat major Gb
G flat minor Gbm
G major G
G minor Gm
G sharp major Gs
G sharp minor Gsm
File Name (C Example):
Major C
Dominant C7
Minor Cm
Minor 7th Cm7
Diminished 7th Cdim7
Diminished Cdim
Major 7th CM7
Augmented Cplus
Instrument: File Name:
Keyboard Kbd
Keyboard_Clavinet Clav
Keyboard_Harpsichord Hpsd
Keyboard_Mellotron Melo
Keyboard_Organ Org
Keyboard_Organ_Electronic Eorg
Keyboard_Piano Pno
Keyboard_Riser Ris
Keyboard_Synthesizer Syn
Percussion Prc
Percussion_Bass Drum Bdr
Percussion_Bell Bel
Percussion_Bodhran Bod
Percussion_Bongos Bon
Percussion_Brass Brs
Percussion_Cajon Caj
Percussion_Chime Chi
Percussion_Church Bells Chb
Percussion_Clap Clp
Percussion_Congas Con
Percussion_Cowbell Cow
Percussion_Cymbals Cym
Percussion_Djembe Dje
Percussion_Drums Drms
Percussion_Hi Hat Hihat
Percussion_Gong Gong
Percussion_Maracas Mrcs
Percussion_Marimba Mari
Percussion_Rain Stick Rast
Percussion_Shaker Shk
Percussion_Sleigh Bells Slbe
Percussion_Snare Drum Sndr
Percussion_Tabla Tabl
Percussion_Tambourine Tamb
Percussion_Timbales Timb
Percussion_Timpani Timp
Percussion_Triangle Tria
Percussion_Vibraphone Vibr
Percussion_Wood Block Wobl
Percussion_Xylophone Xylo
String Str
String_Banjo Banj
String_Bass Guitar Bss
String_Berimbau Beri
String_Bouzouki Bouz
String_Cello Cell
String_Charango Char
String_Double Bass Dbss
String_Dulcimer Dulc
String_Erhu Erhu
String_Esraj Esrj
String_Fiddle Fidl
String_Guitar_Acoustic Agtr
String_Guitar_Electric Egtr
String_Harp Harp
String_Hurdy gurdy Hrgu
String_Kalimba Kali
String_Koto Koto
String_Lute Lute
String_Mandolin Madn
String_Oud Oud
String_Santoor Sant
String_Sarangi Srgi
String_Sitar Sita
String_Ukelele Uke
String_Upright Bass Ubss
String_Viola Vila
String_Violin Vili
Vocals Vox
Wind Wnd
Wind_Accordion Acc
Wind_Bagpipes Bgpi
Wind_Bassoon Bsoo
Wind_Bugle Bugl
Wind_Calliope Cal
Wind_Clarinet Clar
Wind_Cornet Corn
Wind_English Horn Ehrn
Wind_Euphonium Euph
Wind_Flageolet Flag
Wind_Flute Flte
Wind_French Horn Frhrn
Wind_Harmonica Hrma
Wind_Harmonium Hrmi
Wind_Horn Hrn
Wind_Oboe Obo
Wind_Pan Flute Pflu
Wind_Piccolo Pico
Wind_Recorder Rec
Wind_Saxophone Sax
Wind_Shakuhachi Shka
Wind_Trombone Tbn
Wind_Trumpet Tpt
Wind_Tuba Tba
Wind_Whistle Whi
Wind_Woodwind Wwin