070 bpm | A | Sanna Hartfield Beta 1.0 (Eleven Labs Singing Clone)

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  • AI Acapella Singing Clone
  • Trained on 70 bpm – A Major
  • Write your own lyrics
  • Download high quality unique acapellas
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Experimental Acapella singing clone trained on 70 bpm key of A Major. A funky soulful singing voice by Sanna Hartfield. Write your own lyrics and generate an instant acapella download. All vocals in the preview video are completely AI generated.

Limitations: This voice was cloned with an AI model trained on a spoken word dataset. The output is experimental and timing will not match a bpm exactly. It will require some creativity from you with cutting and editing the acapella. The melody can be influenced by the context of the lyrics that you provide.

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Demo Lyrics © Free Vocals

Although I’m almost 30,
I feel like a schoolgirl,
When I think of you,
And when I picture your face,
And I imagine your smile,
Makes me tingle.

As the years pile on,
I flirt so cheeky,
Whenever you’re in view,
And when I mimic your moves,
And I match your style,
I feel playful.

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Breakbeat, Broken Beat, Deep House, Disco, Dubstep, EDM, Female, Funk, Funky House, Garage, House, Jazz, Neo-Soul, Nu-Jazz, Pop, RnB, Soul, Trap, Trip-Hop


A (A Major), F#m (F Sharp Minor)

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Sanna Hartfield