156 bpm | Bb-Gm | This Love (Curtis Clark Jr) (Acapella WAV)

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When we wake in the morning
And I see the light of day
Seeing you puts a smile on my face

The love we share is unconditional
The bond we share is unimaginable

I can’t see myself with no other
The longer we stay, it gets better
This feeling here, I can’t keep to myself
I’ve got to tell somebody else
Sunny days, and sexy nights
I’m finding favor in your sight
This love here I got to tell somebody else

You got me saying oh
Oh this love is so real

Everyday may not be on the up and up
Sometimes your presence just can be too much
I know I get on your last nerves
Your few choice words, I do deserve

One thing I can say about us
Arguments only last for moments
Then it’s time to make up, make up
These lil problems we encounter
We use just to make us stronger
Oh I just can’t help I got to tell somebody else

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Curtis Clark Jr


Bb (B Flat), Gm (G Minor)


Female, Gospel, Jazz, Male, Pop, RnB, Soul

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