125 bpm | Fm-Ab | He Was (Soulpella) (Acapella WAV)

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  • 125 bpm Ab Acapella (100% Royalty Free)
  • Vocals: 8 x WAV | 102 MB
  • Separate leads, harmonies & ad-libs
  • Dry & wet versions

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He was eager to make a good impression so why didn’t it work
It was like he had read some book on how to pull the girls in the clubs

And yes! He was pretty and even a gent
But made a crucial mistake because he thought he knew me
You don’t know me..

Just being out with ma’ girls doesn’t mean
( no it doesn’t mean)
I wanna take any joker back with me
(joker back with me)
Came out to shake all the stress off of me
(shake all the stress off of me)
I’ve been collecting so much throughout this day
So please sugar sweet face, would you be on your way
(sugar sweet face, be on your way)
There’s no no no no no no no maybe, just be on your way
(no maybe, on your way)
( I don’t wanna be your baby)

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Ab (A Flat), Fm (F Minor)


Breakbeat, Deep House, Dubstep, EDM, Female, Funky House, Garage, Gospel, House, Jazz, Soul, Trap

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