138 bpm | F-Dm | You Are Better (Sanna Hartfield) (Acapella WAV)

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  • 138 bpm F Acapella (100% Royalty Free)
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  • Separate leads, harmonies & ad-libs
  • Dry and wet versions

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Yes the trail of what you said is still lurking at the back of my head
Baby be warned do you know what I’m capable of

What if it’s true true then I guess I better start giving everything I’ve got
To you you what if it’s true

You’re just so much better at doing doing doing doing what I try to do
I don’t see the point in me trying trying trying trying to stand next to you
Trying to outdo you to try to be as good as you

There’s no way I could be as good as you so I’ll just stop
Trying to beat you at this game
I’ve given up given up thinking that we are the same
Given up given up thinking that we’re equals and are the same

But how can I prove my worth to you
Maybe tonight’s the night maybe tonight’s my chance
I can’t have you spreading roomers putting thoughts in peoples heads
Given up given up thinking that we are the same

I think it’s true true so I will give everything everything I’ve got to you you
And no matter how I feel I’m gonna have to let you get away
You get away

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Sanna Hartfield


Dm (D Minor), F (F Major)


Breakbeat, Deep House, Dubstep, EDM, Female, Funky House, Garage, House, Pop, Trap

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