Custom Vocals

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At we record professional custom vocals. Original topline writing, cover songs, backing vocals and voice-overs. Our team of vocalists will work on your project, wherever you are in the world. We record for people just starting out, to major record labels, production companies and brands such as Universal Music Group, Sony, Green Giant, Fisher Price and the BBC.

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  • Silver Package: Hook / Chorus only (approx. 15-30 seconds)
  • Gold Package:  Hook / Chorus, 1 verse and harmonies (approx. 30-60 seconds)
  • Platinum Package: Hook / Chorus, 2 verses, harmonies and ad-libs (approx. 60-180 seconds)

Which Royalties are shared?

Our standard royalty share is 20% of the master and 50% of the publishing and public performance. You only share master royalties with us after you have received your money back from the custom vocals fee, promotion and distribution costs.

  • Master Royalties (sales, streams, sync)
  • Publishing Royalties (writing lyrics/melody)
  • Public Performance / Neighbouring Rights (vocal recording)


DJ Drop / Tag

from $83.79

Backing Vocals

from $139.65

Cover Songs – Royalty Share

from $209.47

Cover Songs – Buyout / Work For Hire

from $418.95

Writing and Guide Vocals – Publishing Royalty Share

from $209.47

Original Vocals – Royalty Share

from $279.30

Original Vocals – Buyout / Work For Hire

from £POA

Jingle / Voiceover (TV / Radio Broadcast Use)

from £POA

How does it work?

1 – Decide

Which vocalist is suitable for your track? Which custom vocals package do you need? Do you need the vocalist to write original material or record from guide vocals/lyrics? Which licence do you need? Just ask us for more information if you need advice and we will be happy to help.

2 – Deadlines

If you have a deadline for the vocal recording, let us know and we will advise if the vocals can be provided in that timescale. Every project is different and there may be a waiting list.

3 – Discuss

Fill out the contact form or email and we will reply as soon as possible. We can answer your questions and discuss agreements and recording fees. There’s no obligation to proceed until you’re ready and we’re happy to work within your deadlines. Please provide detailed instructions if you have any specific requirements for your project.

4 – Record

Original Vocals: We need your instrumental audio track as an .mp3 file. If you have any specific ideas or references for inspiration, then send them in your instructions but our vocalists can write for you from scratch if you need.

Cover Songs: We need the instrumental audio track as an .mp3 file with guide vocals and/or lyrics (Please provide guide vocals on a separate track if possible)

Backing Vocals: We need the instrumental audio track as an .mp3 file with the lead vocals on a separate track.

You will be sent an invoice for a 50% deposit before our vocalists start recording: Payment is accepted via PayPal, Credit/Debit card or bank transfer.

5 – Reasonable Changes

You will be emailed an initial mp3 demo for your approval. Then we can discuss any reasonable changes that you need and the vocals will be adjusted as necessary. Some examples of unreasonable changes would be changing the backing track, bpm or the key after the finalised instructions or requesting changes in dynamics or style that were not originally specified. Please be as detailed as possible with your instructions and listen to examples of the vocalists voice to make sure they are suitable for your track. Our vocalists only accept custom vocals projects that they feel confident they will be able to deliver quality vocals for.

6 – Final Take

When the vocals have been finalised, they will be sent to you by email as raw/dry 24Bit .wav files after the final payment is received.

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