Lele Bizzoca

Musical Advisor: Jazz · Latin · Acoustic

Lele Bizzoca was born in Puglia (South of Italy) in 1968 but grew up in Milan. He started playing music when He was 10 years old and studied Jazz professionally in 1992 with Ivo Meletti, a well known Italian guitarist-composer. 1995 Lele was awarded Diploma in Modern Vocal/Voice work from the Academy of Music in Milan and participated in seminars by Jay Clayton, Bob Stoloff and Carl Anderson on Vocal Technique and Interpretation. 1999 He was awarded the Certificate in Music for Primary School Education and Music Therapy from CEMB in Milan. 2001 He was awarded the Certificate in Aural Music Training from the Helvetic Music Institute. From 2004 to 2006 He studied Jazz Guitar professionally with Luciano Zadro, internationally well known guitarist-composer-teacher.

Currently Lele is focusing on his Trio project (Lè-Triò) based on original compositions composed by himself. The album is called “The Journey”
In the meantime, He is producing an album of original compositions in a Duo called KuraBiz with a pianist called Vladimir Miller.