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Can I use Royalty Free Downloads for a commercial release?

Yes you can. You can read the full EULA here – End User Licence Agreement ‐ Royalty Free Downloads

Permitted Uses:

You can use the Acapellas in any commercial audio/visual production, such as a sound recording, audio download, film, television or video programme, animation, advertisement, website, CD or DVD-ROM, video game, software product or other media or multimedia production, without paying any royalties, licence fees, or any other fees to or third parties, subject to the following restrictions:

Restrictions on Use:

> You may not distribute the Acapellas independently of a Production as “standalone” Acapellas.
> You may not cause or allow the Acapellas to be electronically transmitted or available to file sharing networks.
> You must obtain permission to feature the Vocalists name in the title of the Production (example: Production Title featuring “Vocalist name”) Apply for permission here – or email
> You may not contact the Vocalists directly to request permission to feature the Vocalists name in the Production Title. The Licensee must complete a licence application through