172 bpm - Power Of The Past (NeeCo)

Lyrics © Free Vocals

The power of the past
Is grandiose, so bad…, or good
Depends on what you’ve amassed
The weight you package, it’s different
Really it’s happiness or sadness
Such a colourful contrast
We’ve all passed through gloom & overcast
The vastness, that we package in our bags
Yet we stand, steadfast through life’s mass
I’m so glad to see a bit enthusiasm
Cause you know, we’ve got power in our hands
The chance, we must & can
Change our weather forecasts
– Become an iconoclast – en masse
Cause no one here is an outcast
Cause it feels like we’re solo nomads
But in fact, we’re all essentially comrades
So why do we crack, living under the same camp
Another day, constant harassment from the past.