156 bpm - Bb - This love (Curtis & Sanna)

Lyrics © Free Vocals

Verse 1

When we wake in the morning
And I see the light of day
Seeing you puts a smile on my face

The love we share is unconditional
The bond we share is unimaginable

Pre chorus

I can’t see myself with no other
The longer we stay, it gets better
This feeling here, I can’t keep to myself
I’ve got to tell somebody else
Sunny days, and sexy nights
I’m finding favor in your sight
This love here I got to tell somebody else


You got me saying oh
Oh this love is so real

Verse 2

Everyday may not be on the up and up
Sometimes your presence just can be too much
I know I get on your last nerves
Your few choice words, I do deserve

Pre chorus

One thing I can say about us
Arguments only last for moments
Then it’s time to make up, make up
These lil problems we encounter
We use just to make us stronger
Oh I just can’t help I got to tell somebody else