140 bpm – Dm – Real Love (Chris Scott)

Lyrics © Free Vocals

Real love, now I see you,
Yeah you know I do,
To make it through the times we had,
I see it now, I see it now.

Real love, now I break through,
To show to you, that I’m more good than I am bad,
I’ll work it out, I’ll work it out.

And I’ll be, somewhere that you need me,
And I’ll be holding my breath,
Waiting for you to show.

Yeah somewhere, deep inside, do you,
I know you want me to,
You’re just afraid to say.

Real love, now I see you,
When I’ll make it through,
To find the light that we once had,
I see it now, I feel it now.

Real love and you will see,
You are all I need,
And you mean everything to me,
I’ll see it out, I’ll see it out.