128 bpm - Abm - Let's Get Excited (Chris Scott)

Lyrics © Free Vocals

When you come to your senses
Just send me a message and I’ll come searching for you
You know I do, I know where to find you
And I’ll be the one who takes you somewhere you can be free

I’ll show you the way to go
Tell me what you wanna know
No need to rush just take it slow
Let it all out just lose control

Let’s get excited I will never let you go
Let’s make a night of it I will never do you wrong
It’s time to decide if we stay up til’ the morning light
Live in the moment nothing matters but tonight

I’ll be everything you need
I’ll let you guide me to where you are whatever it takes
I’ll take whatever we make
Cos you make my heart ache and I’m not leaving tonight

I’ll show you the way to go
I’ll never let you be alone
Come with me then you’ll know
Take my hand and lose control