115 bpm - Bm - Born To Fly (Chris Scott)

Lyrics © Free Vocals

I hope I never change
No matter when I come of age
There’s no other way that I would rather be
Looking back on life
I know that I never really tried
Now I’m older all these things are clear to me

Let’s light a fire
And talk for hours
About all the things that we do differently
We have regrets
We won’t forget it
That’s how you learn in life
Sometimes I wish they’d shoot me down and die

Take me back to where
I was when I had no fear
Not a thought going through my mind
Back then I knew I was born to fly
Back then I knew I was born to fly high
Back then I knew I was born to fly

I don’t know what I want
And all the things that I dream of
Always seem to change every time I sleep
One day I believe
And the next I can barely breathe
I can’t find a way to climb out of the deep

Think too much or not enough
I can’t decide what is right or what is wrong
Take the pain or try again
It’s all about what you decide
I’m gonna get back on my feet again tonight