098 bpm - Urge (NeeCo)

Lyrics © Free Vocals

I have this urge to run a great distance,
To emerge as a winner, look, there’s no resisting,
it – is inside of me, it keeps insisting,
That I unleash my purge into existence.

It hurts, not one bit that you’re resisting,
Power lurks underneath me & my persistence,
Kicking up dirt, an extrovert in business,
Historians alert, history is being written.

Admit it while the dirt thickens NeeCo, there’s no quitting,
It’s fitting that dope visions are pictures of me transitioning,
Into conditions hidden for great reason,
Only the insane are slipping through admission.

And I’m happy that I am so insane,
Only a handful could adopt this campaign,
I run uphill to escape from what’s sane,
Again & again, broken bones & bloodstains.