084 bpm - These 4 Walls (NeeCo)

Lyrics © Free Vocals

I’m going cray cray, screaming shouting mayday, everyday,
I’ve lost count of days, this is the sound of a slave,
My feet they are chained to an hourly pay,
Until the end of days where I’ll visit my grave,
Put a little insulin in it and re-visit in May, yes my body is a cage,
It’s like a maze with a monster on every corner and every right is a wrong in this game,
So I’m fed up and I play just to play with a rage,
I play just so others can replay what I’ve played.

Yeah, and learn from my mistakes,
See the burn in my face, that’s how much fire I exhale and intake,
And I’m amazed that I’m awake this day,
More awake than the population could say, anyways,
And that’s why I’m suffering, living in these 4 walls,
Tearing up the floorboards searching for more,
So I’m doomed and I’m cursed, in my lines and my verse,
Cause I want to be intelligent but the road hurts,
So I write and you claim that it comes from my brain,
But it doesn’t, there’s a magical place where I create,
The crib of creation is where i play, everyday,
And it seems like 4 walls but a sane mind can open it wide and make space,
So I stop to complain and when I cannot sleep I stand up and make peace,
With the walls around me – embrace the concrete between me and meat,
And now I see wide and free.