140 bpm | Cm-Eb | Captain Elliott (Sanna Hartfield) (Acapella WAV)

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I went for a walk that day ended up in port that day
When I saw his pretty face I fell head over heel
So calm just standing there with his captains hat in his hand
Just smiling at me

What’s your name baby I need to know
And where have you come from sugar I need to know
‘Cause I can’t stop thinking of you
I can’t stop dreaming of you
In the day in the night in the day in the night

He truly swept me off my feet
He said I’m just here for a week
But I’ll take you on the ride of your life if you’d like
Ok but do me one favour baby tell me your name
And he did and I never felt the same

Captain Captain Captain Captain Elliott swept me off my feet
Captain Captain Elliott don’t leave me for the sea
Just stay here with me
Don’t leave me for the sea just stay here with me

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Isolated Acapellas


Sanna Hartfield


Cm (C Minor), Eb (E Flat)


Dubstep, EDM, Female, Jazz, Soul, Trap

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