130 bpm | Am-C | I'm Not Ready (Simone) (Acapella WAV)

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  • 130 bpm C Acapella (100% Royalty Free)
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  • Separate leads, harmonies & ad-libs
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Close the door, turn the key, start the engine
The roads are quiet tonight
Drive all night till the moon me the sunshine
Destination in sight

Close the door turn the key pull the door to
The house is silent I find
See the door I know you’re on the other side
Soon I’ll be in your sight

Another day would make a difference now
The need to hold you close is too strong

I’m not ready to go, I just got here
I’m not ready to leave, don’t make me
I’m not ready to go, I just got here
I’m not ready to take myself away
I’m not ready to go


Don’t push away key me try to explain
You seem to get it all wrong
Don’t raise your voice you’ve a choice to listen
Oh this won’t take too long

It wasn’t me that you saw it was another
I have an alibi
Coz I was here watching you with some other
So don’t tell me lies

Another day won’t make a difference now
The need to let you go is stronger

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Am (A Minor), C (C Major)


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