130 bpm | Am-C | Dark Lullaby (Sanna Hartfield) (Acapella WAV)

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  • 130 bpm Am Acapella (100% Royalty Free)
  • Vocals: 37 x WAV | 411 MB
  • Separate leads, harmonies & ad-libs
  • Dry and wet versions

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Can’t you sleep don’t you worry
I am here don’t you worry
Come to me don’t you worry

I’ll rock you back and forth whilst singing a story
A story
I’ll slip a little something in to your your tee
In your tee
If you can not sleep you can count on me
If you can not sleep you can count on me

Just come to me
Come to me

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Isolated Acapellas


Sanna Hartfield


Am (A Minor), C (C Major)


Breakbeat, Deep House, Dubstep, EDM, Female, Funky House, Garage, House, Jazz, Pop, Soul, Trap

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