125 bpm | Dbm | Give (Simone & Sanna) (Acapella WAV)

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  • 125 bpm Dbm Acapella (100% Royalty Free)
  • Vocals: 30 x WAV | 789 MB
  • Separate leads, harmonies & ad-libs
  • Dry & wet versions

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I’ll give you a bit of my smile in the morning
A piece of my soul through the day
I’m happy to give it to you babe

Then in the afternoon I can barely speak
Moving to evening finally time for me
But got no energy

Yes they follow me
Into my dreams
It comes home with me
And so it seems
They can’t get enough of what I give
What I give, of what I give
What I give
No, no, no

I’m happy, happy to (repeats)
I Give it, I give it (repeats)
Give it all away.

Another day arrives as I do my nine to five
I think about you all the day through
Distracts me from what I gotta do

It’s hard keeping track of time
When I know that you’re at the end of the line
You are on my mind

Yes they follow me
Into my dreams
Can’t get enough of what I give
Of what I give, what I give.

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Isolated Acapellas


Sanna Hartfield, Simone


Dbm (D Flat Minor)


Breakbeat, Deep House, EDM, Female, Funky House, Garage, House, Jazz, Soul

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