125 bpm | Bbm-Db | Crazy Talk (Sanna Hartfield) (Vox WAV) (MD)

  • Vocals: 26 x WAV | 139 MB
  • Separate leads, harmonies and ad-libs
  • Dry & wet versions

Music not included.

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Crazy baby
Crazy baby
Crazy, crazy

Don’t give me that crazy talk
Don’t give me that
If you don’t do this I’m gonna walk
Stop questioning, how deep it is
How real it is
Do you wanna be with me

All of your friends think we’re so happy
But I guess no-one really knows what goes on between four walls
Yes all of your friends think that I’m so blessed
To be with you but they don’t see what you’re like when
When you’re just with me

Crazy baby
Crazy baby
Crazy baby
So crazy