125 bpm | C (Am) | Silly Nights (Sanna Hartfield) (Vox WAV) (MD)

  • Vocals: 11 x WAV | 143 MB
  • Separate leads & ad-libs
  • Dry & wet versions

Music not included.

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Lyrics © Free Vocals

After silly fights and sleepless nights I’m needing you
And after all that we’ve been through I’m still needing you
But how did you expect me to trust in you
And how do you expect me to believe what you do

Cos you broke it all
And you took my life away
Still I’m afraid to let it go
Still I’m afraid to let you go
Still I’m afraid still I’m afraid still I’m afraid afraid

After all those things you did I’m leaving you
And after all those things you said I’m still leaving you
What’s wrong with me
Oh how can I want this for me this for me