075 bpm – Dm – Set sail


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Two souls, came together,
You’re the willow, I’m the heather,
So much space in-between,

Verse 1:

The winds have changed us,
Now all I see is pain in your eyes,
You set the sail to new courses.


(I wonder) If it might have been another way,
(I wonder) Would I be the person here today,
(I wonder) I guess i’m really glad you didn’t stay.



(When it rains it pours) I won’t live a lie,
(When it rains it pours) Now I’m free to reach the sky,
I (When it rains it pours) don’t know about tomorrow,
But I know I’m happy, know i’m happy.

Verse 2:

When I think where I am now,
Oh I feel so proud, to be me,
(You can do anything you wanna do)
I seT the sail to new courses,
Now my compass spins wild like the wind,
(Now I’ll do anything I wanna do)

Intro refrain:

Two souls, came together,
You’re the willow, I’m the heather,
So much space in-between.