Free Downloads & Members Downloads

Free Downloads & Members Downloads

No, Free Downloads and Members Downloads are not Royalty Free. You will need to apply for a licence if you want to commercially release a track that incorporates these downloads. Please click here to read the full End User Licence Agreement

Free Downloads and Members Downloads must be licensed from for commercial use such as selling on stores like iTunes, Amazon, Beatport or streaming on services like Spotify (Also including any advertising monetization such as Youtube adverts) – Apply for a licence BEFORE you release your track

Our Free Downloads and Members Downloads can be used for non-profit promotion & educational use but need to be licensed for commercial use. There are a number of restrictions on what you can do with them.

Please read the End User Licence Agreement

Yes you can but you need to apply for a commercial licence before you can arrange a commercial release – You can apply here –

Non-profit use is where there is no potential to make money. For example, if you upload your track to Soundcloud to showcase your work, or upload it to Youtube (without advertising monetization). You can send your track incorporating our vocal recordings (but not the standalone vocal recording) to Record Labels to see if they are interested in commercially releasing your remix. If the label is interested in a commercial release, you or the record label must apply for a licence before it is released.

Educational use is where private individuals use our vocal recordings to learn and practice music production and there is no potential to make money.

With either of these uses, MUST be credited in the description when the remix is uploaded (e.g. “Acapella downloaded from“) or you can include a link to the acapella that you downloaded from our website.

You MUST also obtain permission from if you want to feature the vocalists name in your remix title (example: featuring “Vocalist Name”) BEFORE you upload it.

We use digital fingerprinting including Youtube Content ID and Facebook Copyright Identification to protect our Free Download and Members Download Sound Recordings from unlicensed use and you may receive automated copyright claims against videos uploaded to Youtube or Facebook. These are not copyright strikes and it is nothing to worry about, your videos will not be removed.

If you have licensed our Free Download or Members Download Sound Recordings for commercial use then you need to send us links so that we can white list your Youtube/Facebook videos.

If you have obtained a licence from us to incorporate the Sound Recordings in a commercial monetized Production, no problem, we will whitelist your videos and remove any copyright claims. Fill out this form or email

Alternatively, if you do receive a claim on your video you can submit a dispute and provide evidence of your licence reference and we will remove the claim.

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