What is copyright?

Copyright is a legal right that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights for its use and distribution. Free Vocals have a publishing agreement with the vocalists and composers and is either the owner or Licensor of the vocal recordings and sound recordings available to download from this website. We own and control the copyright.

There are two separate components of any recording of a musical work: the composition copyright and the sound recording copyright. In most cases, our vocalists and composers have both composed and performed the vocal recordings and sound recordings. They are both the author and performer.

Musical Composition:

The musical composition consists of the written music including any accompanying words. The author of a musical composition is the composer and/or the lyricist. A musical composition can be in the form of sheet music, lyrics sheet or in a sound recording.

Sound Recording:

The sound recording results from combining a series of sounds into a medium that can be played back. The author of a sound recording is the performer(s) whose performance is fixed, the record producer/engineer who processes the sounds and arranges them in the final recording, or both. Copyright in a sound recording is not the same as copyright in the underlying musical composition.