Why did I received a claim/block on Youtube, Facebook or Instagram? What can I do?

Nobody is allowed to add their remix of our sound recordings to Youtube Content ID or to services that block uploading the audio to social media. It’s against our terms and conditions. Our sound recordings are provided on a non-exclusive basis so uploading a remix to Content ID also goes against Youtube’s conditions. Youtube states you must own exclusive rights to all sounds to use Content ID.

If you do receive a claim or block when you upload your remix, it may be because someone added their remix of our vocals to one of these services (Youtube Content ID, Audio Magic, Facebook Rights Manager etc). They are not allowed to do this.

If you have purchased a licence from us to use our vocals for commercial use, then you may upload your remix to Youtube, Facebook and Instagram and you should not receive claims or blocks.

Please email licensing@freevocals.com and provide details of the claim. This includes the name of the remix that contains our vocals, the name of the distributor/aggregator and the name of the label/artist. Then we can investigate for you.

Please note that you may receive automated Youtube Content ID claims directly from us. We use this service to protect our releases and prevent unauthorised use. Our audio is simply being identified/tracked and your Youtube video won’t be removed. If you have purchased a licence please contact licensing@freevocals.com and we can remove the claim.