174 bpm - Taking Flight (NeeCo)

Lyrics © Free Vocals

I’m taking flight,
Into a new world, a new mind state, It’s like,
I’m taking flight,
As a new me, re-energized, new heights,
I’m taking flight,
Wings are spread wide, bringing the light, soar high,
I’m taking flight,
The time is now, show your might, let it shine,
I’m taking flight.

I’ve gathered new strength,
Already putting it in action – I can,
Change the world as one man,
Even if only planting a seed…, I can,
Yeah, and I will, do my best to fulfil,
Full thrill, A goal that’s bigger than me,
No other way will I fly & feel free, you see,
Purpose is the purpose, targets, goals vice versa,
It’s universal, it lurks in our structure,
It’s the way we’re built,
And trust me, yeah, you fit the bill,
I hear too often that you can’t do it,
You blew it one time, regret is putrid
But don’t let it fool the powerful in you,
Take flight & break through.