123 bpm – Bm – Excite Me (Ellie Madison)

Lyrics © Free Vocals

When you’re standing close to me
I can’t hardly breathe
I feel your rhythm running through me
You are my release
Excite me

Paint me black, just like my jeans
It fills my heart and colours me
I was blind but now I see
It’s time for you to excite me

You wanna excite me, yes you do
I wanna insight the spark in you
You know that I’m good to you boy

Always up for anything
Don’t get left behind
There never was a doubt in my mind
We were meant to be
So try me

Oh what ya doin to me baby
It’s not right, I always gotta spell it out to you
I don’t know
Cos’ boy you drivin’ me crazy, all night
I’m out of my mind, baby, to never let me go

Temptation, might break me

I just want you to try me
Just one small taste can find me
Cos once you’ve had a try
You won’t escape this ride

You gotta go figure it out
You gotta go figure it out
Hey, baby, hey hey baby