100 bpm - A Game (NeeCo)

Lyrics © Free Vocals

I’m feeling focused,
I will destroy opponents,
I’m loco, I’mma swarm you, I’m locust,
I’m warning you, I’m born with it, it’s hopeless!
I will persist backed by persistence.

Do not resist, your style is futile,
Like the Swiss, stay neutral at wartime,
Stockpile rounds, send you back into exile,
Life’s got me through trials man, I’m hostile.

But that ain’t the limit,
Cause when I’m finished spitting gibberish,
The Swiss’ve got gimmicks that’ll diminish
Me at any sight of slippage,
Yeah…, it’s all business, isn’t it?

So back into action,
I’mma distraction gaining traction,
Full on, massive, have at it,
I imagine my poems influencing
People one day, to bring on their A Game.