Everybody (Backstreet Boys) (Acapella WAV) (Pre-order)

Status: Planning

  • Everybody Studio Acapella
  • Originally made famous by Backstreet Boys
  • Separate leads & harmonies
  • Dry & wet versions
  • Legal sound recordings cleared for commercial use

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When you purchase this licence, you can combine our vocals with your own music and legally release your track to the stores and streaming services (iTunes, Spotify etc.) You must also obtain a cover song licence from the original copyright holders. Ask your label/distributor or Google “Cover Song Licensing”. Many distributors offer this service as an add-on to their standard distribution. This download is a cover version of Everybody (Backstreet Boys) and does not contain the original sound recordings. The status is currently at the Planning stage. We are in the process of planning to record and obtain licenses, you can pre-order now for half price and the download will be available when the recordings are finished and the licenses are in place.

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Backstreet Boys