124 bpm | Am-C | Fell (Soulpella) (Instrumental Kit)

  • 124 bpm Am Instrumental
  • Instrumentals: 25 x WAV | 1.14 GB
  • Separate drums, bass & keyboard
  • Dry & wet versions

Vocals not included. Download the Members WAV here 

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I knew when I seen ya
That I had to meet ya
Cause there ain’t nobody like you boy up in this club
Then you bought my drink and
I got to thinkin’
That maybe baby we could turn it up

I could tell by your smile
That you liked my style
I was feeling you too, boy I can’t lie
So when you grabbed my hand
And asked me to dance
What happened next just blew me in my mind

You moved when I moved
Like somehow you knew
Me in another world.
My heart was beating fast
Couldn’t let that moment pass
One dance and boy I wanna be your girl

Think I just fell on this floor
Boy I just fell on this floor
Think I just fell on this floor
Think I just fell
Boy I just fell
Fell in love with you boy on the floor

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Instrumental Kits




Am (A Minor), C (C Major)


Breakbeat, Deep House, Dubstep, EDM, Female, Funky House, Garage, Gospel, House, Jazz, Soul, Trap

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