Manfredi Barbarossa

Passion, perseverance and ability are the main elements to deal with such a varied and wide reality as House music. Manfredi Barbarossa has been able to exploit all these qualities making them his own virtues. They will be fundamental for his music output. The first step towards his career as a producer includes the fact that his music has been the background for fashion shows where gracefulness and creativity have joined perfectly with the refinement of the runway. Thanks to his collaborators, he engages in different musical genres. He strengthens particularly those that best represent his style: on the one hand the harmony of relaxing and refined proportions of Chillout and House music on the other hand the moderately slow rhythm of the Soul music. Between these two precious qualities of music, Manfredi Barbarossa issues several productions. We can mention “Look at Me” and “City of Lights” (written with Sanna Hartfield). These are collections inspired by artists such as Leftfield, Kruder&Dormeister and many others. His style is characterised by a melodious progression that is also sensual, relaxed and at the same time rhythmic and enchanting. All this aim at reinforcing the richness in charm and the emotional involvement by the listeners.